Descendants of John LAVERS/LAVORS


60. Francis LEVERS

SURN Levers
GIVN Francis
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DATE 10 Apr 2001
TIME 21:03:40

Occupation = Cooper


SURN Higman Hotton
GIVN Joanna
_UID 9059189B602ED511A81FB679F070A6788459
DATE 10 Apr 2001
TIME 21:06:17

DEATH: Died after Childbirth (age 37)

61. Benjamin LEVERS

SURN Levers
GIVN Benjamin
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DATE 10 Apr 2001
TIME 20:58:16

79. Mary Ann LEVERS

See Doney Family tree

Matthew DONEY

In 10th Dec 1854 Bodmin Christmas Broadsheet Matthew Doney, butcher of Lostwithiel had a stall in Bodmin Market.

80. Benjamin LEVERS

Naval records at Kew show continuous service in the Royal Navy from 11.10.1849 to 25.05.1870 and was awarded Medal-Gratuity-Pension. Rank L/Stoker. Discharged at Portsmouth see ADM 139 CS No. 28443, also CS Engagement No. 568 24.11.1863-29.02.1870.

64. Thomas LEVERS

SURN Levers
GIVN Thomas
_UID 8C59189B602ED511A81FB679F070A6788019
DATE 10 Apr 2001
TIME 21:00:34

Occupation=Master Cooper

In 1826 had a 2/64 share in the vessel "St. Austle Packet" -
- and again in 1836. From 19/08/1838 the master of this vessel was Thomas's 3rd cousin Joseph Levers.

1836 had 4/64 share in the vessel "Busy".

72. Joseph Brokensha LEVERS

Was a seaman in 1825 (according to Baptism records)
Was Master Mariner by 1840.

21st May 1835 was master of the schooner "Henry" -
Fowey - 25th May 1836 was still master when vessel re-registered.

Fowey 19th Aug 1838 Joseph Levers is master of the "St. Austle Packet" (part-owned by Thomas Levers - 3rd cousin).

The Crew Lists for the St. Austle Packet at the PRO submitted between 1835 and 1843 all show the master as someone else. The Register of Ships Masters shows Joseph's masters ticket (No. 227621) was issued at Fowey on 24/05/1847. The entry shows he was born in Mevagissey on 19/02/1797, height 5ft 9in, hair brown, eyes black and complexion dark. He had a distinguishing mark on the top of the end of the middle finger of his right hand. The register shows him as able to read and write and that he went to sea as an apprentice in 1807. It also showed that he had served in the Royal Navy but had not seen foreign service. No voyages were recorded after 1848.

81. Catherine LEVERS

Coulsons Directory of Penzance 1864 shows Miss C. levers at 29 Market-Jew Street (East Street) The Terrace - Fancy Repository.

In 1891 census living at 1 Albert Villas, St. Johns Penzance, spinster, born Tywardreath.

90. Elizabeth Mary LEVERS

Still living at home in 1851 census - Dressmaker